Simple Financials

How Many Small Business
Owners Feel


You feel Stressed and sometimes
overwhelmed by running your business


You feel Concerned you can’t afford high
quality professional financial help


You feel Worried that your bookkeeping is
not being done right


You want Clarity on the Financial Health of
your company


You want to Grow your business but not sure

What We’ll Guarantee We’ll
Deliver to You

of mind


Higher Revenues
& Profit

Business Value

Accurate Financials

If we don’t make you more money than we charge you, we will fire ourselves!

Our Proven Process

Right Fit Meeting

Not all companies are ready for this type of overhaul. So the first step is to make sure what we offer is a good fit for your business

Bookkeeping Review & Quotes

Ongoing Bookkeeping &
Financial Deliverables


We’ll update your QBO Account weekly and send weekly Financial Report directly to your inbox.


Each month we’ll perform a Month-End Reviews, and Account Reconciliation and send monthly Financial Report directly to your inbox.


Each quarter we’ll perform a Quarterly Audit for extensive accuracy, send Quarterly Financial Reporting as well as a Quarterly Tactical Financial Analysis directly to your inbox. In addition to that, we have a quarterly call to discuss all the above reports to ensure you have Financial Clarity and really understand your Financial strength, weaknesses and opportunities.


At the end of each year we’ll perform an additional yearly audit for extensive accuracy, and send you a full set of annual financial reports as well as our Yearly Tactical Financial Analysis. In addition to that, we’ll have an annual call to discuss all the above reports, your key Financial Targets And Metrics to identify what projects, jobs, products, etc. are helping you stay on track to hit your financial objectives. And of course, answer any financial questions you have.


This is quoted as a one-time upfront payment. We will update your books and reconcile and adjust the accounts. The goal is for you to have an accurate picture of your company’s financial health.

Starts at $500 monthly. Your books will be updated weekly, and Financial Reports will be sent monthly after the month-end review and account reconciliation. The goal is for you to be able to focus on managing and growing your business, as we take care of the tedious bookkeeping.

A monthly fee for a select group of companies that are ready for aggressive growth. The goal is to help you add more value to your business by strategically planning and driving growth initiatives, while efficiently allocating resources.