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I know financial stress. I was born into it, into a family that bounced checks and had the utilities cut. From an early age, I worked to get out. I began working minimum wage jobs to escape the cycle of poverty. I washed dishes, mowed lawns, and bussed tables at IHOP. With life still crumbling around me, I joined the Army. Three years on active duty as a Military Police officer with a year and a half in Iraq that taught me discipline and gave me perspective. I was hungry for the stability and prospects of civilian life.

I pursued higher education, getting a Bachelors in Environmental Studies & Biology from Washington University in St. Louis. I stayed on to get a Master’s Degree in Engineering. After a couple years in the corporate world, I bailed. Rather than follow their rules, I started my own company. That’s when I realized my true passion was entrepreneurship.

With the support of my wife and eventually with three kids to provide for, I’ve launched six companies. I finally felt free to use my strengths instead of scrambling to do what my bills or boss required. As those companies grew, the contracts ballooned, and payroll expanded, the stress returned. Was I going to have enough money to cover these costs? Could I afford to take that risk on a new product or improve our workplace with a new hire? I was constantly worried that my companies would fail, and I’d let down the people who relied on me. To alleviate those fears, I was constantly distracted from the tasks where I could provide the best value and lost in spreadsheets and bank accounts. I needed help and was willing to pay to get it.

One hard lesson I learned along the way was that competent, responsive financial advice and administration is hard to find. I hired and fired almost a dozen bookkeepers, accountants, and CPA firms. I finally had enough when I realized what I had bought with my hard-earned money. My books were still a disaster. I had no clarity about my company’s fiscal health. I had to help myself. I jumped in and learned everything I could about categorizing and classifying transactions, optimizing my chart of accounts, and analyzing my financial statements. I studied managerial accounting, started creating effective KPIs, financial ratios, and dashboards to track growth and ensure we’re on a healthy path. I became a Quickbooks Online Certified ProAdvisor.

Ultimately, some of my companies did fail, but not simply because of poor financial management. I learned a lot along the way about leadership. Gratefully, three have survived and are thriving with over $2M annually in revenue. In 2019, I acquired my first company with the sound financial footing I achieved.

As someone who found systems that reduce stress, I did what I do know how to do to share it with others. I founded this company. Simple Financials exists so that every business has a reliable partner for financial advice. With our help, they can focus on what they do best and maintain the relationships that matter to them instead of being overwhelmed by the stress that comes from number crunching and economic forecasting.

At Simple Financials, we have a single goal: to deliver simple financial clarity to grow your business.

Meet the Team

John Coveyou

Founder & CEO

Expert in Financial Analysis and optimizing profitability. Specializes in strategic planning.

Shayne Buen

Director of Operations

Licensed CPA with 10 years of experience in accounting and auditing.

Sharlene Corsat

Senior Accountant

Licensed CPA, working as an Accountant for US companies for more than 4 years.

Jessa Rosales

Executive Administrator

Licensed CPA with a master's degree in Business Administration.

Anna Kabigting

Executive Assistant

Licensed Engineer specializing in streamlining business operations.